Our philosophy: a maximum of fresh & local products

Thursday to Sunday from 6 pm to 8.30 pm

À la carte menu and Table d’Hôte (2 courses)

Monday from 5 pm to 8 pm : Pasta + menu à la carte, from $9.90

Closed on Tuesday, Wednesday night

Menu of the Moment

Find out our Appetizer of the Chef, main course, fish of the day or farmer’s treat on our Promotions & News section or our Facebook page


For an “à la Carte” price of the appetizer, please ask our waiting staff
The Appetizer(s) of the Chef

Homemade Ravioli
Stuffed with Homemade Ricotta, Tomato Coulis and Basil Oil

Noodle and Chicken Soup
Chicken Broth, Fresh Pasta, Smoked Chicken, Poached Egg and Shaven Reggiano Parmesan
Homemade Black Pudding

Small Apple Pie, “Ile aux Grues” Cheddar Vinaigrette

Pan-Seared Big Canadian Scallops
Mullet Egg Caviar, Coconut Milk, Olive Oil and Confit Fennel Bulb
Extra $1
Québec Foie Gras Terrine
(Ducs de Montrichard) with Vanilla and Green Pepper, Chanterelle Jam and Homemade Pistachio Bread
Extra $3

Main Courses

Main Course of the Chef
$28 as Main Course/$42 with an appetizer


The Fish of the Day
Depending on the Arrival
$35 as main course/$49 with an appetizer
The Farmer’s Treat
Vegetarian Meal, depending on the Chef Inspiration
$35 as main course/$49 with an appetizer
Rabbit Saddle
Stuffed with Herbs Pesto, Almonds, Potato Dauphinois, Shaved Parmesan and Madame Lisa’s Sprouts
$29 as main course/$43 with an appetizer
 Duc Magret
(Ducs de Montrichard) Maple and Pear Overturned Pie, Rutabaga Confit and Rosemary Oil
$29 as main course/$43 with an appetizer
Confit Lamb Shank
Lentil Stew, Pan-seared Mushroom and Roast Garlic Cream
$30 as main course/$44 with an appetizer


Dessert(s) of the Chef
Price and dessert(s) according to the inspiration
Tatin Pie (10 minutes in the oven)
Pear Tatin Pie with Maple Syrup, Vanilla Ice Cream and Sponge Toffee


Cheese Cake and Fruit Coulis
Chocolate Fondant (15 minutes in the oven)
Our classic Lava Cake with Homemade Ice Cream
Homemade Ice Cream and Sorbet
According to the Pantry
Quebec Cheese Plate
Assortment of 100 gr Quebec Cheeses


8 am to 10 am

Only for guests staying at the Inn

Buffet with cereals, fresh fruit basket, homemade jams and/or compote, fruit juices, regular coffee, tea or herbal tea


The Chef’s morning hot dish